cockroach Pest Control Service for the Brisbane and Redlands City area

Pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants and rats can be harmful to your health and your home. A pest-free home will ensure that your family stays healthy and your home stays safe.

Stop pests from invading your home!

Stopping pests invading your home requires a combination of good home upkeep and regular pest treatments.

silverfish Our Standard Pest Treatment includes:

  • Internal, External and Roof void treatment.
  • Cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and household ants.
  • The latest Synthetic Pyrethroids sprays and powders which are low odour, environmentally aware, and safe for your family and pets.
  • Accredited, fully licensed technicians using the latest techniques and equipment.
  • 12 Month Warranty. If your home is invaded by pests within 12 months of your pest treatment, we will re-treat the inside of your home for free.

How do you know you need a Pest Treatment?

  • Many of our customers book a treatment at least every 12 months to ensure their property is always pest-free.
  • If you find evidence of cockroaches, ants, spiders or droppings inside your home, this is an indication that you may need a pest treatment. Common problem areas include kitchens, bathrooms and garages.
  • If you hear noises in the ceiling, this may be an indication that you have pests in your roof.
  • If you walk into spider webs or see invading ants or foraging cockroaches, this too is a good indication that it is time for a pest treatment.

Call 07 3245 2420 to book a pest teatment.

For Best Results

For the best results in making your home pest-free:

  • Identify problem areas before we arrive.
  • Try and locate entry points, especially for ants and rodents
  • Try not to leave food exposed for long periods, including pet foods.
  • Ensure all stored goods are moved away from walls so we can spray the bottom half of your walls.


The Mason Family Advantage

  • We operate our business under the guidance of traditional family values. As a client of Mason Pest Control, you can expect that we will treat you, your family and your home as we would our own.
  • As a family business, the people you see on this website are the people you will see and meet when you enquire and make a booking with Mason Pest Control.
  • We regularly attend training courses to ensure we are using the latest skills, techniques, products and technologies.
  • logosOur priority is to use products that are both highly effective and safe for your family and the environment.
  • Mason Pest Control is fully licensed and insured, giving you added peace of mind.


Call 07 3245 2420 for a FREE Quote or to make a booking.

What our customers are saying
About twelve years ago white ants infested our place at Cleveland. We’d never had them before in the previous 30 years we’d been living in our house. Over a period of about five years we had three different pest controllers in but the white ants kept coming back.
About six years ago we got Mason’s Pest Control in. They did a treatment and it seemed to work. They monitored it for us over a period of years and have done a follow-up treatment since. We are now confident enough to start our repairs on the house.
- Frank and Melanie

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